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Residency at Ferme-Asile, Sion, Switzerland  (click here to return to main project page)

Stretching It!

Having completed the two "Missing Disc" pieces earlier in the residency, I began to think about how these CD player devices could be used in conjunction with each other and have them interact.


Experiments with elastic bands (kindly donated to the project by the staff of Ferme-Asile) led to this piece being developed.

The LED lamps constantly illuminate the elastic as it continues to vibrate following any motor activity and shows the intriguing shapes the band makes when being struck by the wire protruding from the rotary player mechanisms. I have attempted to show this in some of the photographs in the slideshow.

The devices have become a couple of characters having quite a heated discussion!

The term 'stretching it' is be used when one is taking something too far, or beyond reasonable limits. I am light-heartedly commenting on my own work with this.

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