2020 is not going so well for pretty much everyone... However I have been fortunate in receiving financial help from Arts Council England. I am developing a found mechanism to become a kind of 'instrument' that I can perform with. The first iteration, produced under the umbrella title of "Lockdown Activity", can be seen HERE and heard HERE.

September: From 26th September Yarmonics 2020 will exhibit commissioned works in an online platform, including my project (R)ASSEMBLE created for the event combining found objects and sounds sent from Great Yarmouth with some from Marseille. PROJECT PAGE

Also this month I was selected by Austrian arts organisation subnet to participate in their 2020 residency programme, also supported by Schmiede20 festival. Working remotely from Marseille I will develop another salvaged object into a sound making device. PROJECT PAGES

Prior to this I participated in a residency at Atelier Expérimental where I explored new developments with devices, both with and without Arduino. One aspect of energy transduction I have explored in previous projects involves playing sounds through motors. The results, and those involving Arduino activating two different motors, can be seen HERE

A liquid cooling system for a gaming computer tower is the focus of my project for subnet in Austria during a remote residency in September and October 2020. The sounds contained within this closed system have been explored using various microphones and recording techniques, and also filtering and effects with automated parameters.