March 2021

Artist-in-Residence at Ferme-Asile, Sion, Switzerland

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During this two-month residency I will make a new collection of sound-making mechanical works, repurposing motor devices I brought from Marseille and a number of which were donated to my project locally.

Having been in quarantine for 10 days from my arrival, the project already well underway!

I will document the developments and the works during the two-month period in dedicated project pages and also will be sharing video footage on my Vimeo site.

In other news...

After some time away from composition, concentrating more on installation and performance, I slowly returned to making works for release. The following works were released in 2020 and are still available from me or the labels that kindly published them. The covers are featured in the gallery to the left.

'Dry' was released on 28th December 2020 by Unfathomless (BE) and is available in a special limited edition format in addition to the regular version and features an exclusive extra track.


'Forced to Repeat Myself' was released by Misanthropic Agenda (USA) on CD featuring compositions using performance recordings from a tour in 2018.

'The Beginners' collaborative project with Rebecca Sharp was published as a book through her own Souterrain Press. A special edition that included a USB card featuring the sound work from the project plus our previous work 'The Clearing' sold out immediately!

'Double Deck', a composition of sounds recorded from explorations of the Double Deck instrument developed in 2020 was released by French label Alcôve, as a split cassette with ớt.