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Current and forthcoming...

July 2024 update

Throughout July and August I will develop a public artwork comprised of electronic waste, with the involvement of the local community in Narva, Estonia.

September I will work with ACCESS and Unijazz to give a week of workshops in a school in Prague, Czechia.

In October I'll present a new version of Channelling at the Intermediale Festival in Legnica, Poland.

And finally, my full length album "Channelling" is available from Flag Day Recordings (click the title to hear it!).


June 2024 I visited Finland for the first time ever, participating in the Serlachius Residency in Mänttä, which was a month of research and development for the project in Narva mentioned above.

In May I gave a workshop in kinetic sound making objects triggered by sound for the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen in the Black Forest in Germany. Please click here to view the activities.

April saw me on the road stopping first in Torino, Italy to begin a collaboration with Lorenzo Abattoir, recording with him and performing together for Fango Radio in Busto Arsizio, then solo at C3 in Milano. From there I was in Belgrade, Serbia for the first time with a show at Guvrnanta, and then Sofia, Bulgaria to perform in Sofia Underground Festival.


"Successive Actions" was presented at the WeSA festival in Seoul, South Korea, and I was the lucky participant of a two week residency on Jeju Island.

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