Mechanism from JVC VHS player, Palbok Factory of Contemporary Art, October 2019


Throughout the period of October-December Simon is participating in the residency programme at Palbok Factory of Contemporary Art, Jeonju, South Korea.

Here he is investigating ways of combining approaches and methods used in previous projects to create a new way of presenting work in both installation and performance.

The project page, covering activities and developments, can be found here.

He continues to collect recordings of environmental sound and discarded objects, and will further his knowledge of Arduino programming and electronics.

Latest published works:

'Cal y Canto' released on CD by Glistening Examples

'Open and Closed Circles' released on cassette by Mappa


I would also like to offer visitors to my site some free downloadable albums from my Bandcamp page, which can be accessed by clicking HERE.

I hope you enjoy the works...