Above: Recording underwater sounds in Marseille

Below: Cover of publication Traceable Echoes

May-July 2021

Artist-in-Residence with Witte Rook, Breda, The Netherlands until July 2021

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During the residency I will continue to develop my work with found devices, activating them using environmental sound recordings and refining this approach as a live performance presentation.

The first seven weeks will be carried out remotely in Marseille, collecting sounds and materials, meeting the team of Witte Rook and many artists based in The Netherlands online.

Throughout the final three weeks I will be onsite in Breda and will continue to develop the projects, presenting the results in the final week and hopefully in other locations.

In other news...

I have a new publication available for sale.

Traceable Echoes collects images from my project concept of the same name, lovingly reproduced by Éditions Grimaces of Geneva in Switzerland.

Part portfolio of the visual works, part audio release, the 'livre-objet-audio' is available here and the project page can be visited here.