Curriculum Vitae


Since starting to work in a more focused way with sound, my work has been concerned with bringing the listener’s attention to those not normally noticed. We generally miss, or dismiss, beautiful and strange sounds that constantly surround us.

Sound without a visual reference becomes an abstract, often unidentifiable entity, triggering memories and emotions beyond our control. It is difficult to shut sound out. Unlike closing or averting our eyes when we do not want to see, we are unable to close our ears. Such is the power of sound.


I share my experiences and ideas where possible, through collaborations, concerts, lecture presentations and workshops, which led me to work with arts education projects with young people. Through sharing and collaborating, I aim to encourage a joy in listening, and expose experimental music and sound art to a wider and more appreciative audience.


In recent years I have become interested in the effects that are produced by sound – through physical sensations, acoustic phenomena, the recording and playback process, energy transduction and reappropriation and failure of audio processing technology.

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'Made to Malfunction'

Selected to participate in the Creators in Lab residency with the renowned Asia Culture Center in Gwangju, South Korea. Developed new kinetic sound objects using salvaged technology and arduino programming.​

'Made to Malfunction' is a response to planned obsolescence, presenting parts of discarded machines and devices as valuable art objects.​

'Place is the Space'

Collaboration with Gregory Büttner (DE) funded by Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Behörde für Kultur und Medien and supported by Probebühne im Gängeviertel and MOM art space im Gängeviertel to create an installation/intervention/performance at MOM Art Space, Hamburg.

Pulzus Art Camp

'Wind in the Willow' sound installation with modified ear protectors that play the sound of trees through wood. 'Saw Heard' sound installation using circular saw blades that play the sound of sawing.

Copper Leg Residency

'Force Mineure' outdoor installation with piano played by nature, Estonia

Chateau de Sacy Residency

'Translation' collection of 3 site-specific works, Picardie, France

Monsoon (Vol.2)

Collaboration through February and March in collaboration with Korean performer and choreographer Hany.P to develop a new version of her conceptual project 'Monsoon'. Using found materials and sounds in the studio space, we developed a set piece that took the form of an installation that Hany responded to, and in turn responded to her movements and choreography. The project was kindly hosted and supported by MoKS, Mooste, Estonia.

Fresh Winds Biennale 2018

'Geothermal Activity' created for exhibition that uses infrasonic frequencies (vibration felt but not heard) to cause lava rocks to move and make their own sound. Also performed during the opening and closing events in collaboration with Kana Nakamura (JP) and Hany.P (KR).


Tsonami Festival XI

Performances in Teatro Parque Cultural de Valparaíso and an abandoned train carriage at Tornamesa Barón, Valparaíso, Chile, plus exhibition piece 'Traces of Lime' at Galería CasaPlan.

Jeonnam International Ink Art Pre-Biennale

'Traces of Mokpo Harbour' ink drawing created using recorded site-specific sounds using traditional Korean ink and paper.