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Atelier Expérimental, Clans, France, September 2020

Atelier Expérimental is a residency programme organised and run by artist Isabelle Sordage ( and I was one of four artists selected in 2020 to work there for a period of two weeks.

During the two weeks I managed to work on two different but related projects. The first is described and documented below.

The other, working further with the double cassette player mechanism salvaged in Marseille, can be viewed here:


'Repurposed, with the purpose of simply existing'

Although I came to work more on the 'instrument' I have developed using the mechanism of a double cassette player, I also wanted to make something specific to Clans or to the Atelier itself.

While visiting the home of Isabelle, I noticed a computer tower and printer outside on a balcony. I asked if they were to be thrown away, and yes they were, so I took the printer.

As you see to the left I took the mechanical parts out and mounted them to a piece of wood I found on one of my exploratory trips around the village.

The work was a test to determine whether I could control two different motor types with one Arduino. When dealing with stepper motors I have tended to use one Arduino, as it has to send very different data to this type than to a regular DC motor.

The aim, without going too deep into the programming, was to send the two different signals to the two motors randomly from one Arduino using two different 'loops'. This turns out to be more difficult than I thought, but through applying something I learned while also trying to have loops repeat a number of times, then top and the next one start, I finally managed it.

The work is powered by an old computer power supply, which I found in amongst the materials available for artists' use. It gives three separate 12 volt supplies to the work, one to the Arduino and one to each motor.

'Repurposed, with the purpose of simply existing' will stay at Atelier Expérimental as part of their permanent collection.

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