Channelling AV - developments and experiments with video in live presentation

The project Channelling (which I have changed from Channeling) has been in development since the early days of lockdowns, confinement and through subsequent residencies and opportunities to explore what is possible.

The idea to work with salvaged motor devices came from my installation and sculptural projects using this kind of material, as well as feeling the need to change my approach to creating and developing sound pieces, performances and presentations. Through being able to present the work as it progressed, it became clear that audiences are increasingly intrigued as to what is happening, what they are hearing and what I am doing during a presentation - and I call it this as I feel it is not quite performing, but more a presentation of a project, with me as maybe a conductor or coordinator with the devices rather than a director. I am not in control of the collection of motor devices - during a presentation we are working together, responding to each other.

To return to the point, this is a visual presentation. The devices move, activated by sounds gathered in all the various locations have been essential in the projects development. Each has at least one LED lamp which also illuminates when the device is activated, partly as a test indicator that it is at least receiving a signal and partly as a visual indicator of which device one is hearing the voice or action of.

Because of this I have received a great deal of feedback, mainly telling me that folk want to see what's happening, and up as close as possible! Now, previously I have worked against this desire to want to watch everything that is happening, almost forcing people to only listen by strongly suggesting they close their eyes. But I know from working with these characters, that they are very intriguing in their movements and actions, so now have the desire to share this.


Zero Cohesion series, Liebig12, Berlin, Germany, June 26th 2022.

Château Éphémère, Carrières-sous-Poissy, France, 15th April 2022.


June 2022, 26th - presentation at Liebig12, Berlin, Germany for the Zero Cohesion series run by artist-in-residence Jeff Surak.

"(a) spacy experience of tone, light, human and mechanical action" - Tanja Isbarn, artist and curator

This development is the latest, which uses two cheap and adapted webcams to show the audience a little more of what is happening during the presentation, projected live as a diptych. This presentation only received positive comments and responses, whereas for previous shows there have been mixed views and opinions. And I wish to add that I was honoured by the various guests who attended the show - artists and friends I have known from numerous locations and time periods, and some I had never met, but kindly came along. Plus big Thanks to Jeff and Chester Hawkins for being great hosts.

Videos courtesy of Kyoco Taniyama

May 2022, 28th - presentation at 2220Arts+Archives, Los Angeles, USA alongside pinkcourtesyphone (Richard Chartier) and Marlo de Lara who sadly could not be present.

For this show I made a new version of the pre-recorded and edited video with macro footage of the devices used in the setup. This show definitely received very mixed responses, with some valid points and observations. I think the sound action was slightly delayed from the video starting so each scene change was acting like a visual clue for what was to come... It definitely made me reconsider using pre-recorded footage.

Thanks to Andrew Choate and Peter Kolovos for being amazing hosts. Also to Helen An for taking the video.


April 2022, 15th - the first presentation of the AV version of Channelling, prepared in only a few days within the first week of the short residency at Château Éphémère. The pre-recorded and edited video featured macro shots of each device or combination to reflect the scaling up and amplification of the tiny and often delicate sounds generated by the devices. The response was good but even with this stage I had a few people ask why it was not live and even give some (quite expensive!) suggestions regarding how to project a live feed.