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Jeonnam International Ink Art Pre-Biennale

Ink drawing works for Jeonnam International Ink Art Pre-Biennale, Mokpo-si, South Korea, October 2017

Because of my ink drawings created by sound in Busan as part of Open Arts Project, and a performance using the same technique in Iksan (where I performed the process with a Korean drummer, I was invited to participate in the first edition of an ink art exhibition festival in Mokpo.

Using sounds recorded in the harbour of the city, I created various  sizes and styles of drawings and displayed in the form of an installation, as shown below.

The space, which was once a '다방' or coffee shop, was under renovation and had a good, raw feeling to it. So the drawings were hung from steel reinforcing rods that protruded from the ceiling and the lamps were pulled down into position behind the drawings.

On the floor are further drawings in process. This technique came from an experiment with the paper rolled into a tube and placed over the speaker, catching the ink that is sprayed outwards in a very different way, as shown below.

And the lower 3 images show the process a little more clearly. Ink is poured into various sized speakers, positioned on sheets of traditional hanji paper. When the recorded sound of Mokpo harbour is strong, the ink is thrown outwards in a radial pattern. So the stronger the sound, the further the ink travels.

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