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Made to Malfunction for Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, South Korea, Sep-Dec 2018

Research and development project to make 'sound objects' using technology to create random action

Simon Whetham was selected to participate in the Creators in Lab residency programme at ACC in Gwangju, South Korea from September until December 2018. During the project development he learned how to combine his interest in using discarded technology and unpredictable results with Arduino programming to make a collection of objects that emit sound from salvaged devices at random intervals.

"Made to Malfunction" was exhibited at the Asia Culture Center in Gwangju, South Korea from 14-23 December 2018.

Below you will see photos of original objects that were found and dismantled for materials for the project and some short video clips of the random programming development for some of them.

Various objects such as a scanner, printers, a fax machine and a HiFi system were found in the streets of Gwangju, discarded for some reason, deemed worthless and useless. I took these pieces of rejected technology and dismantled them to firstly discover how they functioned and secondly to see what parts could be salvaged to make new sound-making devices.

Building on some basic Arduino programming training with Ryu Hankil, over 3 months I researched how to use the various DC and stepper motors I took from the machines.

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