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OFFcity residency, Pardubice, Czechia, July 2019

A public street sound performance for headphones

For their July activities OffCity Collective selected Simon as one of 5 artists to join them for a 2 week residency in response to the theme "Void". Having made a conscious decision to manipulate and alter sounds through analogical and physical ways rather than through software processing, Simon felt an audience would appreciate how one is able to change the sounds that surround us each day through simple but effective means using a variety of microphones and found objects and devices.

Below is a link to hear a version of the performance and please note headphone listening is essential!!

Photographs by Marie Sieberova

Simon would like to thank Šárka and the OffCity collective very much for the opportunity to develop and present this performance idea at the Automaticke Mlyny in Pardubice, Czechia, as well as the hospitality and generosity given to him while there.

This performance can be presented in almost any setting, as all equipment is battery powered and Simon generally uses the equipment and devices in all projects he is involved with.

Among key influences for this performance are the works of Florian Türcke and Stephane Marin who both explore ways of manipulating and pinpointing sound in a public presentation setting.

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