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Organic Volatilisation Near Imperceivable at OVNI, Fribourg, Switzerland

Over two weeks in September 2022 I was invited to join Milena Farioli to explore the sounds of various fermentations including red and white cabbage, green beans, ginger, courgette (a huge one donated to the project by the neighbouring florist), kefir and mead. I recorded the whole process with various techniques and mics, also capturing some of the sounds from bustling Rue de Lausanne that OVNI faces onto.

One particular recording of the gases escaping from the jar containing fermenting red cabbage could almost be a noisy electronic music track...

Photos by Milena Farioli of the 'finissage' at OVNI, Fribourg, Switzerland

The results were presented as an installation that plays the sounds created by the fermentation process through speakers into the space, but also through the glass of the various jars used and also the plate glass window, as the project fermented inside the 'jar' of OVNI, looked into by the passers-by each day.

Photos above - macro images of the fermentation process

Photos below - preparation and recording

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