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(R)ASSEMBLE for Yarmonics 2020, Great Yarmouth, UK and online, plus further showings

Following two years of discussion, this year I was commissioned by Yarmonics Festival 2020 to make a sound work to be presented online. I considered what process the work would follow if I was there on site. I requested Oliver Payne and team to send a collection of found objects and sounds gathered in Great Yarmouth to me in Marseille.
I constructed combinations of the objects and the sounds, plus some found in the streets here and the results were documented by video and audio recording.  Had I been able to present the project in an exhibition or gallery space, I would have displayed the assemblages as installations, but as the work is to be presented in video form each combination is presented sequentially.

The audio recordings captured in the video work were subsequently arranged and form the basis of the audio work (R)ASSEMBLE currently available on Bandcamp here:

To the left is a short trailer for the 30 minute piece, as the full version will be shown online as part of the festival from 26th September 2020.

The work will also be included in a further online festival organised by ONKAF Gallery, New Delhi, India from 30th September 2020 alongside other works of sound and music.

And to complete a circle, a second version of the work is being exhibited in the show Héliotropes at Atelier Hyph, Marseille, France as part of La Saison du Dessin 2020.

Below is a video document of the pieces included and a selection of photographs from both versions.

Double click to expand the videos and the slideshow above

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