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'Sweep' 2015

Found objects, microphones, transducers - dimensions variable.


Initially conceived for 'The Windswept Plain' residency group exhibition for Iksan Creation Center, 5-14 August 2015 at Art Space of Jeollabukdo Provincial Government, Jeonju, South Korea.


Commissioned to exhibit work for the exhibition, Simon Whetham took the title of the show as inspiration for this installation. The title 'Sweep' here also refers to the dustpans used as sound makers and also the movement of the fan.


Oscillating fans are ubiquitous in restaurants, homes and other spaces in South Korea, as compared to the UK and other countries Whetham has worked in. The force of air from the fans is transformed into vibration with the use of transducers and found objects, creating sound from the object itself. This is a literal translation of transducing, converting energy to another form.


Thanks to Eamon Sprod and Moon Jaeseon for inspiration and Hong Chulki for the loan of the mixer!

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