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'Father Sky, Mother Earth' exhibition, Tsukuba Art Center, Fureai-no-sato, Mount Tsukuba, Japan

For the third year in succession Simon was invited to participate in the annual outdoor art exhibition project organised by Tsukuba Art Center in Tsukuba, Japan. This year the exhibition was titled 'Father Sky Mother Earth'.


'Vestiges of Discomposure' programme information:

"As one of 18 artists invited, I created a work that charted a process of visualising sonic activity.
A mountain stream runs through the site of the exhibition and the section I chose to work with is bound by an entry road and a pathway. In this section there are places where the water falls as a cascade or increases flow through the course being narrowed by large rocks. At each of these locations I placed a hydrophone in the water, carefully positioning it to pick up the most energy from the flow. When transduced to sound through a speaker, this energy manifests itself as a low frequency that is unheard by human ears, but creates a strong movement in the speaker itself.
Using this action I filled the speaker cone with water and soil alternately to create small 'landforms', altering the landscape using sound and playback equipment as an excavating and construction tool.
These 'landforms' mark every point where the stream makes more audible sound above the water, therefore acting as listening stations."

Please click here to watch of video of the process

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