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Residency at Ferme-Asile, Sion, Switzerland  (click here to return to main project page)

Bug in the System

These various devices were in amongst many motors, solenoids and other electronic debris kindly donated to the project by Pierre Veyser, an artist based in Geneva.

As I sorted through the devices, these small geared ones stood out as having some similarities with each other. This was also a test to determine whether up to 8 motors or movements could be triggered.

The devices have become another group of characters having a discussion.

The piece was almost titled "Mini Made to Malfunction" as it is quite similar in character to my first foray into using Arduino and random programming to achieve a similar effect.


However while looking up alternative terms for malfunction, the word bug came up a number of times... And as you see from the photograph to the left, the work does indeed look like a bug when arranged for presentation.

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