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Residency at Ferme-Asile, Sion, Switzerland

Artist Residency through March and April 2021 to develop a collection of kinetic and mechanical sound-making works through repurposing found, discarded and donated technology and devices.

The collection so far (click on images for more information and video):




Repurposed vinyl record player plays cardboard disc and illuminates


Missing Disc 01


Repurposed CD player mechanism becomes angry little percussive device


Missing Disc 02

Repurposed CD player mechanism with industrial frame



Clutch of Clutches

Collection of four electromagnetic clutches in conversation



Tapeloop Fa(u)lt

Audio cassette player mechanism held by structure with amplified tape loop



Tin Machine

Two belt mechanisms are combined, their belts prepared using tin cans with styluses attached as rudimentary acoustic amplifiers


Bug in the System

A collection of geared devices is activated from one central hubS


Stretching It!

Two CD player devices are tethered together and seem to be more than a little displeased about it

In addition to developing these pieces I have been exploring Sion and the Rhône, and have put a piece featuring hydrophone recordings on my Soundcloud page, link below.

These recordings will be used to activate a number of devices and actions in a performance that will be presented at the end of the residency.

The performance and even the process behind it was not so well documented, therefore during the remote part of a residency in May and June 2021 with Witte Rook I have recreated the performance, documenting from many angles.

My aim is to illustrate the approach I am developing a little more clearly.

I have included shots that show the Ableton Live session running that contains the sound clips and some of my gestures, as well as the various microphones employed (contact microphones attached to twist ties and cotton buds/q-tips, cardioid lavalier mics and a telephone pickup coil).

The work will continue to evolve during the residency with Witte Rook.

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