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Residency at Ferme-Asile, Sion, Switzerland  (click here to return to main project page)

Tapeloop Fa(u)lt

A single cassette player mechanism has been adapted and mounted on a supporting frame using the Eitech meccano prototyping system.


I added the Arduino and motor driver to one side and a small amplifier and speaker which allows one to hear the friction of the tape on the other.

I simply kept adding the necessary elements to this piece, so it looks quite rough and unrefined. However the badly spliced tape loop inside the cassette and the way it sounds through the speaker more than make up for this.

The device amplifies the sound of the tape rather than it being a medium to play recorded music. You hear the medium, which runs around a loose bolt, causing it to give a small 'clunk' now and then and adding an extra layer of imperfection to the system.

Faulty audio cassette kindly donated by Christian of Falt, Marseille, France.

Footage in the first video on the left is intentionally dark as tape playing action also causes illumination.

Not all the devices lend themselves to being documented close up, but the tapeloop is rather interesting to watch at a macro level. The badly spliced tape causes a small irregularity as it passes the tensioning arm bolt.

The second video shows detailed shots of the tape and cassette from a number of angles.

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