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Residency at Ferme-Asile, Sion, Switzerland  (click here to return to main project page)

Missing Disc 02

As with Missing Disc 01 a CD playing mechanism has been adapted to become a percussive device.

The same method of adding a pin to the CD reader and a thin cable to the CD holder creates the sound.

With this device I wanted to try using a meccano-like kit to prototype building frames and structures to hold and house various devices. I feel this one successfully combines these elements, with the Arduino and motor driver attached to a platform beneath the device.

This gives it an industrial look, almost like a small factory running at night.

I may return to this piece, as although the choice to use a recycled wood board in the platform, aesthetically I feel it detracts from the industrial feel. Also parts of the frame can be replaced with aluminium sections that could look more finished and professional.

LED lamps have been utilised as they illustrate the points where the sound is created, and the object once again looks more mysterious in the dark.

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